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Penta Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been providing solutions for the transportation industry for 30 years.  Penta provides ADA compliant voice and visual announcement systems and software, integrated dispatch systems and communications consoles, station announcement controllers and communications products.

Penta's Emergency Contact Number is (504) 610-4599

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Penta corporation manufacturers a premier line of voice, data communications and control products for private communications networks.  Designed to improve the convenience and efficiency of interrelated areas of communication, Penta’s products and systems effectively manage communications in dispatching, customer service, ADA compliant public address, and related environments.   Penta products provide two-way communications, conferencing, data transmission, remote equipment management, public address and synchronous distribution of digitized voice and visual announcements.  They simultaneously handle any form or combination of electronic communication, from PBx extensions, intercoms, and radios networks to fiber optic circuits, carrier systems and cellular.
Penta also develops integrated solutions for networking, interfacing dispatching, and public address systems with supervisory and control systems, such as CTC, CAD, GPS, and SCADA systems.   Founded in 1976, Penta initially produced dispatching communications control systems for the Class I railroad industry.  With the company working aggressively to develop and refine new technologies, the applications for Penta products have expanded continually, leading to steady growth for the company, products, and services.

Located in New Orleans, Penta’s state-of- the-art facility is headquarters for all corporate operations.  Engineering, Programming, manufacturing, testing and shipping all take place under one roof, enabling the company’s highly experienced employees to work efficiently and effectively to meet customer needs.

Penta Corporation
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325 Edwards Ave Telephone (504) 733-1700
New Orleans, LA 70123 Fax (504) 734-5041